Chef Proprietor Paul Ferzacca
Pan Roasted Rocky Mountain Quail
Olathe Sweet Corn, Chanterelle Mushroom and Potato Fricassée

Yield: 4 people:

Corn, Mushroom & Potato Fricassée:

Yellow Onion 1 each
Celery 2 stalks
Chanterelle Mushrooms 6 ounces
Garlic Cloves 4 each
All Purpose Flour 4 tablespoons
Yukon Gold Potatoes Large 2 each
Cream Sherry Wine 1 cup
Organic Chicken Stock 2 cups
Olathe Sweet Corn 4 ears
Corn Oil 4 tablespoons
Heavy Cream 1 cup
Kosher Salt To Taste
Ground White Pepper To Taste

Fines Herbes:
Equal Parts:

Tarragon 1 teaspoon
Chives 1 teaspoon
Chervil 1 teaspoon
Italian Parsley 1 teaspoon

Semi-Boneless Quail

Quail 8 each
Kosher Salt To Taste
Ground White Pepper To Taste
Corn Oil 2 tablespoons



1. For the fricassée, peel the yellow onion and cut it small dice, (¼ inch), and reserve to cook.
2. Wash the celery and cut it small dice, and reserve to cook.
3. Peel and slice thin the garlic cloves and reserve to cook.
4. Peel and cut Yukon gold potatoes small dice and reserve in water so they do not oxidize.
5. Measure your flour and reserve for cooking.
6. Measure out the cream sherry and chicken stock in separate containers and reserve for cooking
7. Peel and wash corn and cut the corn off the cobb and reserve for cooking.
8. Place a small stock pot on the stove and bring to medium heat.
9. Add the corn oil, onion, celery, mushrooms and garlic and let sweat until onion is transparent.
10. Add the flour and let cook 2-3 minutes without coloring.
11. Deglaze with sherry wine and reduce by half.
12. Add chicken stock, diced potatoes and bring to simmer and let cook 30 minutes or until potatoes