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Get Excited About the Vail Dance Festival

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If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend a week, why not check out the Vail Dance Festival?

Celebrating over 35 years of collaboration and creativity, the Vail Dance Festival will return to Vail between July 28th and August 7th. Featuring 12 impressive performances and a variety of special events spread across the beautiful Vail Valley.

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Who Will Be Performing at the 2023 Vail Dance Festival?

Some of the performances you’ll see at the Vail Dance Festival include the legendary Martha Graham Dance Company, Music From the Sole, L.A. Dance Project, DanceApsen, BalletX, and various stars and cast members from the New York City Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, and many more artists and performers.

Adji Cissoko of Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet will be the 2023 Artist-In-Residence.

The History Behind the Vail Dance Festival

The Vail Dance Festival was first established in 1989 and features both performances and educational elements and has cemented Vail Valley as one of the world’s best summer dance and arts destinations.

In 1992, the performance aspect was expanded to include a 3-week residency for the Bolshoi Academy of Moscow, culminating in four performances at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater.

Then, in 1998, a choreographic element was added as it began to commission and also premiere new works at the festival. Each year a new work was commissioned, premiered and then gifted back to the participating dance company to perform.

Where Will the Vail Dance Festival Be Held?

It is held throughout the Vail Valley over a number of nights and at different venues, including the Gerald R Ford Amphitheater and Vilar Performing Arts Center.

Purchasing tickets is easy and can be done here.

What Else Is There to Do In Vail During the Dance Festival?

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You can book online using our Online Reservations or phone us at 970.476.4403.