Apres in Vail, Colorado

Are You Ready for Vail’s Après?

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Why you can’t afford to miss out on Vail’s Après?

Everyone’s pretty familiar with what skiing is and what’s involved in a day hitting the slopes, but have you ever participated in an Après-ski? While a lot of people are familiar with skiing and all the ski slope activities, not everyone fully understands what it is.

If you’re a regular skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, you may have already participated in an Après-ski without even realizing it! So let’s slide our way into what it is, what activities are available during an Après-ski, and why Vail’s Après-ski is such a special occasion!

What Is Après-ski?

Après-ski is actually a French term that traces its origins back to around the 1950s and literally means simply ‘after ski’ or ‘after skiing.’ Or, if you want to get more technical, ‘social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day’s skiing,’ according to the dictionary. See, you’ve probably been enjoying some Après-ski without even realizing it!

Now, when Après-ski begins and ends is very much up in the air or up in the snow, as when people choose to begin, their Après-ski is entirely up to them. However, Vail’s Après begins at approximately 3 – 4:00 pm, and events run for the month of March and April. You can see the full list of activities here or on the Discover Vail page.

There will be free village concerts to enjoy. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate a day on the white slopes than dancing, singing, and laughing with friends to the accompaniment of fantastic music. The free concerts are located in Vail Village, at the International Bridge.

Much like the start time debate of when the Après-ski begins and ends, there’s also a lot of debate about what you should wear for it and how you celebrate Après-ski. However, there’s one thing that we know for sure, and that’s that great food and excellent wine are 100% part of it!

Fine Food and Wines During Vail’s Après!

At La Tour Restaurant and Bar, we’re proud of not only the excellent skiing available in Vail but also the fine food and wine on offer at all local restaurants.

Some of the delicious appetizers you can enjoy during Vail Après at La Tour Restaurant and Bar include Prime Steak Tartare, featuring shallot, caper, pickled mustard seed, aioli, crostini, foie gras, cured egg yolk and Wild Burgundy Escargots sauce persillée, baguette.

And you can’t enjoy fine foods without fine wines, including our Francis Cazin 2020, pinot noir / Gamay, Loire, fr, Chateau Lauduc 2019, Bordeaux blend, Bordeaux Superieur, fr, and DOMAINE De Beaurenard 2019, grenache/syrah, cotes-du-rhone, fr.

When it comes to Vail’s Après, we can’t wait to see you! We’d love to host you, your friends, and your family at La Tour Restaurant and Bar for a fun night of delicious food and fine wines. You can book online using our Online Reservations or phone us at (970) 476-4403.


Every Third Thursday
Thursday, 3/16 | 4:30PM
Mark Farina , Skiitour & The Sponges

4:30PM  PrimaService Winner announced

Thursday, 4/20 | 4:30PM
Announcing Artists Soon!

Enjoy this FREE outdoor monthly concert series this winter in Vail Village at the International Bridge!

Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8

Friday | POLO & PAN
with support from Hassy and Lewis OfMan

Saturday | BIG GIGANTIC and DJ PEE .WEE (all vinyl set)
with support from Alana English



Vail Après Spring Series brings live ambient music and activities around Vail for the month of March, starting March 1st !

Silent Disco | 4PM – 7PM
I-Bridge in Vail Village

Art Workshop | 3:30PM – 5PM
Colorado Snowsports Museum

Live Music | 3PM – 6PM
I-Bridge in Vail Village & Lionshead Bus Stop

Silent Disco | 4PM – 7PM
Lionshead Bus Stop

Live Music | 3PM – 6PM
I-Bridge in Vail Village & Lionshead Bus Stop

Live Music | 3PM – 6PM
I-Bridge in Vail Village & Lionshead Bus Stop

Live Music | 3PM – 6PM
I-Bridge in Vail Village & Lionshead Bus Stop