Hot Summer night concert series

The Hot Summer Nights In Vail

La Tour

Are you going to be making it to one of the Hot Summer Nights Free Concerts in the Vail?


The Hot Summer Nights Free Concert: The Motet is starting again soon and will be held in the Gerald Ford Amphitheater, Vail. The Hot Summer Nights concert is 100% free and will run from June 20th through to September 7th on select Tuesday and Thursday nights.

In total, the Hot Summer Nights feature eight separate concerts, so if you miss one, don’t panic! There will be eight concerts in total spread out between June and September.

There’s just something magical about the town of Vail and the surrounding Vail Valley. While you may not know it, Vail is much more than just a world-famous ski destination. Vail is also a world-famous cultural destination for music, dance, and the arts.

At La Tour Restaurant and Bar, we’re proud of the town we call home and how hard the citizens of Vail work to put on these special events, such as the free Hot Summers Night Concert.

What Are the Hot Summer Nights Concerts?

This year at the Hot Summer Nights Concert, the lineup will include various artists from all genres of music, including bluegrass, country, hip-hop, and a Jimi Hendrix tribute, Grateful Dead tribute, Allman Brothers tribute, and David Bowie tribute band.

It doesn’t get much better than a free concert, a great atmosphere, and an even better location in the beautiful Vail Valley.

The gates for each show will open at 5:30 pm, and the music starts pumping at 6:30 pm. You’re allowed to bring in small chairs (no higher than 5 inches) and also small blankets to sit on so you’re more comfortable during the show.

What Else Can You Do While You’re In Vail for the Hot Summer Nights Concert?

While you’re in Vail, why not stop and have a meal either before or after the concert? It’s the perfect way to round out a beautiful evening with world-class music. Vail is world-renowned for its arts, culture, and music, but did you know there are also great restaurants?

After the concert, why not make a reservation at La Tour Restaurant and Bar and enjoy some fine wines and meals to accompany the concert? It’s the ultimate way to round out a great evening in Vail Valley.

At the La Tour Restaurant and Bar, we’re proud of not only the excellent town of Vail and the fantastic concert performances it hosts but also the fine local foods and wines available at all local restaurants.

If you’re planning on being in Vail for any of the Hot Summer Nights Concerts, we’d love to see you at La Tour Restaurant and Bar, and why not bring your friends and family along to enjoy the fine food, wine, and friendly atmosphere? It’s the perfect way to round out an evening spent at the Dance Festival.

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