Wine Crush

Best wine in Vail

October is a month of delicacies. The crisp fall air allows for many opportunities to make delicious treats and create wonderful memories. Many fall memories revolve around outdoor gatherings. Friends gather together to enjoy the tastes of fall and relish in the season. It also marks the end of the Wine Crush in most northern regions. One of the most favored styles and the last to be harvested are known as late harvest wines which will become the sweet dessert wines we love to sip on at the end of our meal. You can often find our customers relaxing on the patio, enjoying the delicate taste of our  sweet wines pared with one of our wonderful deserts in the cool autumn air.

Wine harvests are truly something to be relished. The picking and choosing of grapes to be made into wine is an art. To make delectable wines, you need the best grapes off of the vine. But, the real treat is when you use the grapes that have been on the vine for longer than most. These late harvests, as they are called, produce a sweet tasting wine. These vintages are perfect to have with your desert or to enjoy on their own after a rich meal. Much like the raisin, a grape left on the vine for longer than normal will become dehydrated. This is a natural process that dries out the grape, making it very sweet. Without water, the sugars in the grape become concentrated, leading to a very sweet drink.

Here at La Tour, we love all wines. We enjoy them tremendously, knowing they are something to be savored. But, October is the month we like to celebrate wine. With late harvest season right around the corner, there is no better time to celebrate. When most people think about October, they think about falling leaves, Halloween costumes, and hot apple cider. But, the recent harvest and crush is on our minds. The sweet, delicious taste of these sweet treats will compliment a warm fall desert. October is about more than just goblins and ghouls. October is about an amazing variety of desert wines coming to life.

The changing of the seasons is a special time. This time of year, the changing of the seasons marks the beginning of gearing up for the holiday season. The holiday season if full of happiness and love. Usher in the new season here at La Tour, drinking the finest late harvest vintage you can find. Come share in our love for delicious wines by tasting our selection. One of our favorites is Tokaji, one of the oldest produced wines in the world! This October is sure to be filled with amazing opportunities for getting together and enjoying some great specials. Come out and see us this fall as we celebrate everything wine! We will have a great variety of vintages to try that will satisfy any palate. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the fall colors. We will do all the rest.