Vodka drinks at La Tour

vodka-la-tour-vail-colorado-restaurant-barDid you know that vodka is a royal drink?

The first mentions of vodka date back to the fifteenth century, and in the mid-seventeenth century, Polish nobles were given exclusive rights to produce the drink in their territories (source). In fact, some blends still on the market today date back to those early days.

Thankfully, we’re all able to enjoy it today. Most vodka is served neat, but it’s served chilled in the “Vodka Belt,” which is comprised of, well, mostly Russia. The Vodka Belt also includes Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and the formerly Soviet countries of Estonia, Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania.

Vodka’s earliest use was medicinal, used to increase fertility and awaken lust. It still awakens lust, but today we generally pair our responsible drinking with condom use. While jokes are made about vodka being made from potatoes, the best vodka is made from rye and wheat. Any cereal grain may be used to make vodka, and foods like molasses, sugar beets, and rice may also be used. While flavored vodka is popular right now, in truth, vodka has been flavored for centuries, primarily with herbs. Sweden alone has more than forty varieties of herb-flavored vodka.

At La Tour, we have two specialty vodka drinks that we’re excited to share with our friends in Vail. The Porchard blends Grey Goose vodka, orange liqueur, lemon juice, and a hint of thyme to create a fruity, citrus blend that is perfect way to celebrate something special with friends.

We also have The Remedy. A variation of the vodka-cran, The Remedy also includes German elderflower liqueur for a unique and distinctive drink. Have a family reunion or finally getting to visit with that old friend from high school? It’s a perfect drink to enjoy over an evening spent catching up.

Of course, at La Tour we have a full bar, so a night out with friends can be accompanied by any drink you would enjoy ordering. If you’re a fan of vintage cocktails like the Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, or a Tom Collins, we can set you up. If you’re looking for something fancy like a Cake Martini or Limoncello, we can help with that, too!

Of course, our vodka drinks are great accompaniments to dinner at La Tour in Vail. Try a grilled 7x Skirt Steak or Buffalo Petit Filet for dinner while you’re stopping by to sample the bar. Enjoy a vintage themed night with Vodka Gimlets, with a Lobster and Avocado appetizer, and our Grilled Black Angus Manhattan.

For a great night with friends, La Tour’s full bar featuring our specialty vodka drinks can’t be beat. Sit on our patio and enjoy Vail’s spectacular summer evening weather, or move your gathering inside as the temperatures cool off.