Vail’s Best Wine List

Wines at La TourWe all know that a good wine is one you love to drink. But we’d like to think that the best wines can make a great meal extraordinary. And we’d love for you to experience an extraordinary dinner at La Tour and even at home…all with wine!

Pairing Vail’s Best Food with Vail’s Best Wine

Generally speaking, food with a delicate flavor pairs best with wine that’s lightly flavored. Conversely, a bolder-flavored wine will normally go well with stronger-flavored foods. However, feel free to order what you like! Go ahead, break the rules.

When you are at La Tour Restaurant & Bar, our sommelier will be happy to help you make a selection. Feel free to ask questions about the wines on what we consider to be Vail’s best wine list. We love that one recent La Tour diner called the sommelier her “best friend” by the end of the evening.

Cooking with WineSaute with wine

You might notice that La Tour’s chefs have incorporated wine into many of their dishes. According to an article on WebMD, cooking with wine can add loads of flavor without adding too many calories. When cooking at home, consider using 1/2 the fat/liquid (oil, butter, broth, etc.) in recipes and substituting 1/2 wine. This technique can be to make marinades, or when sautéing vegetables, or even when simmering sauces.

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