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Vail Opening Day 2014

Vail Opening Day 2014

We’re now greeted each morning with a crispness that signifies the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. If you’ve been keeping an eye out around Vail you may have noticed that the emerald green trees are now starting to change colors. This can only mean one thing; winter is on it’s way. All of us at La Tour are eager for the 2014 season to begin! There are many exciting happenings in town this year and we’re anxious to see the streets fill with life. As our wildlife in the mountains begin to slumber, Vail residents and vacationers spring to life.

Mountain Opening

The official start date for the season is November 21st, 2014! Mark your calendars, as of today that is only 84 days away! That means in 84 days you can spend your days slashing into fresh snow, exploring new terrain, and cruising down the mountain as many times as your legs can carry you.

Vail’s forecast is calling for a harsh winter, but a harsh winter in Vail is a dream come true. We’re hoping to see snowfall comparable to last year, if not more. With plenty of snow coming our way it may be a good time to start creating your winter bucket list. If you need help with that, here’s an idea to jump-start your winter.

The Minturn Mile

This ride is a local staple and proves to be incredibly rewarding. This is an out-of-bounds ski area
La-tour-vail-colorado-french-food-fine-diningso attempt this trail at your own risk. Be sure that if you do attempt the trail that you have at least one other person with you, and that they have done the route before.

To get to the Minturn Mile you need to ride chair 7 to the top of the mountain. From here you need to access the “lost boy” trail. After reaching your destination you are going to want to keep a keen eye out for danger as the terrain is constantly changing. Once you navigate roughly half way through the mile you are going to be rewarded with a skiiing experience that the locals here have dubbed “the luge”. It’s a narrow pathway through the trees that’s truly a must have winter experience here in Vail.

*Note: This trail is not patrolled by Vail Mountain Ski Patrol. Be sure to pack and ride accordingly. 

 La Tour and Vail

We love being apart of a mountain town like Vail, and the winters here are simply amazing. After you’re done maximizing your vertical feet for the day feel free to come on in and unwind with a drink. We have an amazing wine list that will please any pallet, and they pair splendidly with many of our dishes. If you have questions about the wine, or food pairings, our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

We cannot wait to see you and the snow return to us in Vail this winter!