Vail Oktoberfest 2014


Vail Oktoberfest 2014

You may not find these beers on our menu, but that’s no indication of their quality. Vail will find itself in a state of inebriation when the Oktoberfest celebration returns this September. For three full days (September 12th-14th) Vail Village will be guzzling, slamming, and pounding beers at 8,150 ft elevation. If we know anything at La Tour it’s a great recipe; add 2 parts thin oxygen, gallons of beer, and thousands of people. Follow this recipe if you’re looking to create a great time!

Vail Village Oktoberfest Events

We love filling bellies with our food. At La Tour we have an appetite to satiate yours. If you love a
La-Tour-Stein-Holding-Vail-Coloradofull belly look no further, during the Oktoberfest celebrations there will be an all you can eat Bratwurst contest! Last year we saw contestants put Brats away by the dozens. Do you think you have the mettle to claim the title from the other insatiable contestants?

If your stomach isn’t up to the task of holding and digesting pounds of wurst, the stein lifting contest may be more up your alley. However, holding a FULL stein out at shoulders height is no easy feat.  With dancing suds that reward your tastebuds upon contact, what do you think will give out first, your endurance or impatience? With beers as delectable as the ones in your steins, we’re going to go with impatience.

While the tradition of Oktoberfest may encompass more adult activities the Vail Village Oktoberfest is a family affair. There’s plenty of activities to keep your children entertained like ballon animals, crafts, Fun Run, and much more. This Oktoberfest will be dishing up childish fun in adult sized portions.

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La Tour Beer

There is already plenty of beer available during the Oktoberfest, but if you’re looking to expand your pallet beforehand, let La Tour be your guide. We have a fantastic selection of craft and local beers that will satisfy any beer drinker. Whether your a General or an Ensign in the field of drink, La Tour will happily guide your hand in choosing the right beer for you.