Vail Happy Hour at La Tour

Origins of Vail Happy Hour

Join La Tour Restaurant and Bar for Vail happy hour 3-5pm daily! Our happy hour menu offers:

Small plates starting at $3
Beers $3.50
Glasses of wine $6.

Origins of Happy Hour

According to Wikipedia, the words “happy” and “hour” have appeared together for centuries when describing pleasant times. Only in modern times has the term come to mean a period of time when restaurants let their customers relax to make them “happy” before dinner.

The term “happy hour” itself come from slang used in the US Navy just after WWI. A “happy hour” was time on a ship allotted for sailors to have entertainment, mostly athletic activities to boost their morale. (Source: Mental Floss)

In prohibition times, the term “happy hour” was adopted to describe secret gatherings at homes or at speakeasies where guests enjoyed illegal cocktails before dinner.

Vail Happy Hour Is Alive and Well

Happy Hour is Vail is a great tradition, but that’s not the case everywhere. Many states have banned bars  from selling “alcoholic beverages during a fixed period of time for a fixed price.” (Source: Mental Floss). Lucky for Vail diners, Colorado isn’t one of them!

Also called Aprés Ski around many winter resorts, happy hours abound in Vail. We might be biased, but we truly believe that La Tour’s happy hour offers the best food and drink experience to “wet your whistle” in Vail Village.