Vail Farmers Market

Vail Farmers Market & Art Show 2017

Something for Everyone at Vail Farmers Market and Art Show

The 17th year of the Vail Farmers Market and Art Show is in full effect here in the Vail Village andVail Farmers' Market will run throughout the summer and beyond. Having begun almost two decades ago, the market started with only a few vendors and has grown to include over 135 tents over 16 Sundays of summer. Located on East Meadow Drive, the market and art show sprawls in both directions right off the patio of La Tour Restaurant. This Sunday was a fabulous day to enjoy a little people watching from the La Tour Restaurant patio over an ice cold beer or a fine glass of summer’s best rosé. And don’t forget a fine French bistro meal enjoyed just off the thoroughfare for a lively view enjoyed from a quaint and quiet table of your own.

Imagine this view: it is gloriously sunny, and valley is cradled in the brilliant green of the summer bloom; the air is filled with the delicious scents of local foods, both savory and sweet, prepared by local people; and the cobblestone street is populated by all manner of people out to enjoy the day. Vibrant colors, baby strollers, dogs on a leash and sniffing the air expectantly, old friends converging, tourists exploring, and everyone finding a little something to take home with them.

Whether it’s a bar of soap made from organic shea butter and Colorado goat milk, lovingly wrapped in seed paper that can be planted later (Harriet’s Little Soap Company); a hand-painted wooden salad bowl with matching serving utensils designed by Lea of Cobalt and Curry; or a gorgeously unique piece from Root Down Furniture, say a wall mirror or a bookcase, crafted from high quality reclaimed wood brought all the way from Southeast Asia with consciousness and love for the natural environment–the products you will find here on Meadow Drive will have you falling in love under every tent!

Vail Farmers' MarketBut pace yourself…you can enjoy this experience of sharing and shopping (and of course eating and drinking) every Sunday from now until October 1st. After filling your belly and taking in the sights, you can join the fray, meet up with friends, and indeed meet the artists presenting their paintings, ceramics, glass works, and more. You can talk to them directly, ask your questions, and express your appreciation right there on the spot. And don’t forget to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers from the various family farms that are selling their bountiful harvests. Unless you have super powers we don’t, you probably won’t be able to resist a takeaway box of delicacies from one of the many local bakeries and specialty shops (we never can!).

We’ve said that winter is our favorite season, and it IS, for many reasons. And yet…. nothing beats a Vail summer, so it’s absolutely true when we say today that summer is also our favorite season…for completely different reasons. Come see what the summer magic looks like. It will take you all of 30 seconds to understand what we’re mooning about. Forever grateful to be nestled right in the middle of the action in every season Vail has to offer, we invite you to come join us and enjoy the fruits of our state and of our valley. See you Sunday!