Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week 2015

vbc_restaurantweek_logoStarting on September 25th, the third annual Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week will begin! Spanning two weekends, from September 25th – October 4th, Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week 2015 will showcase a variety of local restaurants from both villages, including La Tour. These two world-class mountain resorts are known for their luxury and excellent cuisines. While the local restaurants are being showcased, the local lodges are running specials, so that you can dine, and stay, at altitude. These two wonderful locations are coming together to produce a spectacular week full of good food and good times. You will not want to miss this incredible opportunity to experience our menu.

Many lodges and resorts around Vail and Beaver Creek are promoting incredible rates for the week as well. Imagine getting an incredibly discounted price on some of the best lodging in the country. You’d be crazy to turn that down! Plus, you’ll get to spend all of your free time dining at all of the local restaurants participating in this year’s festivities. Eat a new, delectable meal every day. Participating restaurants like La Tour have a special prix fixe menu for this event. Part of the 2015 Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant appeal is getting to experience the wide variety of food offered in this area without hurting your wallet. All specials and menu items for this event are set at $20.15. Our menu is already incredibly diverse, imagine getting to spend the entire ten day period experiencing this on a daily basis. This event is sure to be a hit!

This ten-day event draws many different food lovers from across the nation. It could be you coming to Vail and Beaver Creek to stay for ten days and experience all that Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week has to offer! Here at La Tour, we will bring you our usual excellent service and delicious meals that will leave you wanting to come back for more. You could even spend all ten days dining here at La Tour. We won’t mind! We would love to have you! This year’s Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week is sure to be a hit! There will be plenty of fellow food and restaurant lovers here for the week, so there will be a wealth of foodie company for you to enjoy while eating your meals. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to experience delicious, assorted meals and the company of fellow food lovers all throughout Vail and Beaver Creek, with specials at just one small price. These two incredible villages will be full of delicious cuisine, spirits, and company, so make your reservations with us today! We can’t wait to see you!