The Benefits of Superfood

salmon-superfoodWhat are superfoods, anyway? If one goes by what is all over social media, it’s something that only vintage-clothes wearing retro hippies are eating, right? (we love hippies, too) Truthfully, superfoods are just foods that have a higher than normal concentration of nutritional benefits, and they’re good for everyone, even if you don’t belong to the vintage-clothes wearing set.

A few superfoods have been all over the internet: kale, blueberries and oats have been touted everywhere, from main stream food blogs to back-to-the-earth-movement blogs. Granted, their reputation as superfoods are well deserved, but one can only eat so many kale chips or handfuls of blueberry granola. Let’s take a peek at some of the lesser known superfoods.

Salmon has long been known to be a superfood, and while it has shown some spikes in cost, overall, it’s reasonable price is one of the reasons it has become a staple entrée in fine dining. The light taste means it goes well with a variety of sauces and accompaniments.

Did you know that cocoa powder is a superfood? It’s only when you mix it with butter and sugar that it becomes a little (okay, a lot) less healthy for you. You also want to avoid Dutch or alkalized cocoa powder. While Dutch cocoa powder is treasured for baking, it’s actually more processed, so the flavonoids that make it a superfood are mostly gone. Stick with dark chocolate, like our Super Food Dark Chocolate and Avocado Mousse, for the best benefit.

Tomatoes are one of our favorite superfoods, because they’re so versatile. Sliced on sandwiches or an Angus grilled burger, they are perfection. Cold, in a salad, they offer a tangy flavor that is boosted by just the right salad dressing. Chop them up into a sauce, and you have perfect pasta.

We use a lot of avocado in our dishes. Not only does it have this creamy, unique flavor, but that flavor is not overpowering, which means it is the perfect accent to so many other foods. Avocado is high in healthy fats, and helps us to absorb other nutrients.

Oysters as a superfood? Yes! They’re beneficial for your immune system. If you ever needed an excuse to indulge in our Oysters on the Half Shell, now you have one!

There’s a perception out there that to consume superfoods you have to be eating chia seed smoothies or lentil burgers; truthfully, there are a wide variety of superfoods, and an endless number of ways to be consuming them. Your food should be working for you, and you can do that when you make educated food choices. It is okay to indulge in chocolate once in awhile, and you’ll even reap some benefit if you make it dark chocolate. You don’t have to hang out with the vintage-clothes wearing crowd and eat mushroom burgers to get the perks of eating superfoods! Be sure to sample a few superfoods on our menu.