Taste of Vail 2017

Taste of Vail 2017

We love it that the slogan for Taste of Vail is “Elevate your palate.”

Indeed. And we love it that here in Vail, at 8,150 feet, or 10,350 feet if you choose to join the Mountain Top Tasting, we get to stay home and let the best vintners in the country come to us, not to mention some of the best chefs in the world who reside and practice their art right here in the valley.

With nine different seminars ranging from explorations of varietals like Riesling or Grenache to creating the perfect wine pairing for challenging dishes, one could become a kind of ‘expert,’ all the while enjoying the flavors and bouquets of wines from around the world. Ushered into these experiences by talented sommeliers from Vail and beyond, you could easily justify any level of participation in this very ‘educational’ event. We really should expand our horizons, right?

Taste of VailAnd then there are the ‘main events.’ How to choose? The American Lamb Cook-off is one of Vail’s beloved annual events and brings us a pretty ridiculous selection of lamb dishes, courtesy of local chefs and….wait for it…the American Lamb Board (did you know such a thing existed?!). All in good fun, all in good flavors, and in the vein of the theme “Life Beyond Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot,” you can sample all of these dishes alongside the lesser-known varietals like Reisling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Zinfandel.

We’re pretty sure we will not be able to resist the Debut of Rosé 2016 either. For some reason, the U.S. has been a bit behind Europe, and particularly Mediterranean France, in embracing this little gem. With over 100 Rosé varietals from which to choose, this event just might seduce you to change your mind about this fabulously understated wine. It has a surprising range from semi-sweet to uber-dry and is anything but the sweet wine that many people expect. Rosé 101. Put it at the top of your “course list,” and live a little French!

Really, we couldn’t begin to highlight all of the amazing offerings of the Taste of Vail. You pretty much have to try it for yourself. And don’t forget to swing by La Tour for a little French cuisine and vinous imbibing. We’ll be here enjoying the parade of decadent delights. Hope to see you soon!