Survivor Comes to Vail

survivor-casting-call-vail-coloradoNo, it’s not Survivor: Vail, although that would throw an entirely different spin on the show. We’re thinking bearded dudes wearing parkas as they tunnel through feet of snow in the mountains aren’t going to draw the same ratings as bikini clad women hanging out on a tropical island. I mean, we would watch, but we’re not sure most of the rest of the country would. That sounds more like an episode of Mountain Men than Survivor.

Can you Outwit, Outplan, and Outlast?

If so, Survivor may be looking for you!

On August 22, Survivor and CBS4 will be conducting an Open Casting Call at the International Bridge, at the corner of E. Meadow Drive and Willow Bridge Road. Camera crews will be available to capture your reasons why you should be chosen to be on Survivor. You’ll have sixty seconds to convince producers that you have what it takes to be on Survivor! Be sure to arrive early, as there’s sure to be a line of people waiting to impress the Survivor producers!

Survivor will begin airing its thirty-first season, from Cambodia, on September 23, 2015. This season, billed “Second Chance,” features twenty prior participants of the show. This year’s contestants were voted on, from a pool of 32, by the public in May.

There have been less than ten Survivor contestants from Colorado, and we think that this would be a fantastic opportunity to show the rest of the country that us mountain folks are tough enough to Outwit, Outplan, and Outlast! We know you have what it takes to be a fantastic Survivor contestant!

After you stop by the International Bridge to make your video, come in to LaTour to grab some local craft beer and critique your friends’ performances. While you’re here you might want to order some Truffle French Onion Soup or the Cast Iron Angus Beef Burger, because if you’re chosen to compete on Survivor, it will be the last time you see Angus beef or French Onion Soup for awhile.

While we’re sure there will be some last minute folks showing up to make their video, it might be a good idea if you register, so you’re assured your sixty seconds of maybe-fame. If you want more information, you can check out the posting over on!