Superfood Lunch For Vail Living Well Summit

kale and acai berries Superfood lunch dish at La Tour Restaurant & bar La Tour Vail presented participants of last weeks Vail Living Well Summit with a delicious three course superfood lunch. Superfoods such as kale and acai berries are nutrient-dense foods considered especially beneficial to health. The three course meal created by La Tour restaurant’s chef Paul Ferzacca included superfood ingredients acai berries, baby kale, cranberries, a superseed vinaigrette dressing, salmon, quinoa, carrots, ginger, dark chocolate, avocado and more! Each course was paired with a superfood tea, cocktail or hot tea.



superfood lunch dish at La tour one of the best restaurants in vailAs participants made their way through each mouthwatering course, there was much talk of how delicious the meal was. Chef Ferzacca introduced each course giving thorough descriptions of the ingredients he used in each plate. He was open to answering questions about each plate. He was very informative and gave everyone facts about each superfood he used including their benefits.





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