Holiday Season - Vail Snow Days

Vail Snow Daze 2016

Snow Daze are here again!

While we patiently wait for Mother Nature to drop the mother lode of snow on us (and we do know it’s coming), let us anticipate the excitement of the many events that are nearly upon us here at our beloved mountain. In fact, let’s just focus on one…

It’s hard to believe that this will be La Tour’s 18th winter here in Vail, but we are definitely gearing up for Vail Snow Daze, the best early-season mountain bash in North America. 2016 is the tenth year of this favorite Vail event, and like always, we can’t wait!

Happy Hour Vail RestaurantsThe expo goes for all of the three “daze,” this year from December 9th to the 11th, and after a long day of making turns, punctuated by demo-ing a new pair of race skis or an epic split board for hitting the backcountry, there’s only one thing to do…mosey on up to La Tour, situated just on the brim of the Solaris ice skating rink. Cozy up with a winter cocktail with friends and enjoy a delicious French dish with a whole lot of character (I’m talking about the food, not the friends, but whatever suits your fancy!).

Crowning the days of this special weekend in Vail are the free outdoor concerts that happen just across the cobblestones from La Tour and have included over the years such acts as Ten Thousand Maniacs and Counting Crows. This year, inconceivably, the headliners are the Michael Franti Trio and Lettuce. If you haven’t seen Franti in concert, you’re in for a treat! Franti’s infectious grooves have a feel good vibe that is impossible not to dance to, and Lettuce—well, get ready to rumble!

It’s all good times during Vail Snow Daze, and maybe just talking about it will send that little message up to the queen of seasons herself. Mother Nature could be listening, after all, and if she is, let’s remind her how much we love the white stuff! Vail Snow Daze, here we come!

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