Skadi Vail Women’s Ski Festival

Are you in need of a girls’ getaway this winter? Look no further than Vail’s first ever Women’s Ski Festival. Skadi Vail, named after the Norse goddess of winter, is the perfect weekend event for female skiers of all levels.

Woman Skiing Vail

January 20-22, 2016 | Vail Ski Resort

History of SkadiSkadi Vail Photo

In Norse mythology, the goddess Skadi lives high in the mountains where the snow never melts. She is most often associated with her hunting bow, skis, and snowshoes. Her name is likely related to the name “Scandinavia” and is also linked to darkness or uncertainty. (Source:

Due to her mysteriousness and her winter prowess, it is fitting that Skadi’s name is associated with a great women’s ski weekend in Vail this January.

Event description

Skadi Vail features nightly VIP receptions, guided ski experiences, female ski instructors, and demos of ski equipment specifically designed for the female skier. Registration required for the weekend event.

Other Great Women’s Activities in Vail

There’s so much to do in Vail, you might want to extend your stay beyond just a weekend.

Spas: According to the Skadi Vail event website, participants will also receive a 20% discount on any treatments at the Lodge at Vail or Arrabelle spas.

Shopping: Check out the shopping guide.

Winter Activities: Ice skating, theater, sleigh rides, live musics and more.

Dinner at La Tour

After your day of skiing, why not bring your girls group over to La Tour Restaurant & Bar for dinner? La Tour features an amazing wine list, relaxed atmosphere, seasonal ingredients, and impeccable service. Conveniently located in the heart of Vail Village. Your taste buds will thank you. Reserve your table today.