Restaurants are an edible amenity

As far as restaurants go, it’s hard to think of another place quite like Vail. La Tour Vail one of the best named one of best Restaurants in the vail valley
Walking from La Tour Restaurant and Bar through Vail you can almost see a blue ribbon hanging on each store front .

On the five minute walk it takes to get from La Tour to the chairlift, you’ll pass all things world-class. There are galleries showcasing fine canvas, blown glass or sculpture work. You look up on the mountain at gorgeous homes and spectacular terrain.

Then there are the restaurants. These are our specialty. La Tour has been in operation since 1998 serving an always-changing menu of seasonal and delightful food. But during our time we’ve had the pleasure to see so much come into Vail in terms of restaurants.
On Bridge Street you can not only get a taste of Vail, but a bite of the world. Now, what sets Vail apart is that the quality of these restaurants is premier. In a stone’s throw you can have German cuisine, authentic Japanese sushi, Italian pizza and, of course, the wonderfully French-inspired menu of La Tour.

The town recognizes that our restaurants are top-notch. We have events like Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week and Taste of Vail, Gourmet on Gore and Vail Restaurant Month. We host great specials like our $20.13 menu with entrees priced at exactly that. Here in Vail, dining at world-class restaurants is most accessible.

So, on your next trip to Vail, take some time to check out the restaurants as they are truly one of the greatest amenities to the town. Of course, stop into La Tour Restaurant and Bar to eat, drink and say hello.