Pink Vail March 25, 2017

Cancer has touched us all in one way or another.

It has challenged us to be present to every moment with those we love, every moment we get to spend with our feet in our ski boots and our heads light with this Rocky Mountain air. It has given us the opportunity to grow more fully into the loves of our lives, and it has even taken them away. Pink Vail 2017 is coming on March 25th. A day to remember all those moments. All those loves. And it is a day to say, “F*%# Cancer!”

Costume ContestUnique to our valley, this day gives us a chance to enjoy one another and enjoy our mountain while raising money for those among us who are in the throes of the fight. For those who are in the position to be cared for by the fabulous people at Shaw Regional Cancer Center. Through the efforts of our Pink Vail participants, the patients at Shaw Cancer Center benefit directly from improvements to patient care and specifically from funding of our “Spirit of Survival” program. The Spirit of Survival is perhaps the best expression of the intention of this special day in Vail, because it is all about loving our lives and giving energy to feeling the love that lives us. It’s a comprehensive wellness program that incorporates fitness, nutrition, physical therapy, and a variety of support services that nurture a patient through his/her cancer journey and into the weeks, months and years in which that journey blooms into life as a survivor.

There’s no better reason to get on the hill, to don something silly and PINK, to garner your friends and family around yourself and play. No better reason to celebrate the life that fills the air on these spring days, the lives that have touched us, the life that is our own. This year, for the first time, it all happens at Golden Peak…from the SuperGoop! Kidzone to the live music, happening pretty much all day long at the Pink Vail Headquarters, Golden Peak will be the heart of the action.

And as you come off the hill, don’t forget to stop by La Tour.

Pink Vail 2017 Specialty CocktailWe’ll have the patio open, the heaters on, and Happy Hour in effect from 3 to 5pm. $3.50 craft beers, $6 glasses of wine, and small plates starting at $5 might be just the way to crown a perfect day and roll right into evening festivities. We’ll be here, right across the cobblestones from Solaris. May your day be pink, full of love and light, and may your night be full of good food and revelry. We’ll see you soon!