5 Reasons to Order Dessert

Order Dessert at La TourGo ahead, order dessert with your meal! We all know that desserts taste great. However, desserts are often given a bad reputation. Here a La Tour, we recommend saving room for dessert, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Happiness

It’s said that money can’t buy happiness. But, money can definitely buy a delicious dessert. And, aren’t those two things synonymous? La Tour’s desserts are crafted with tastes, textures, and seasonal ingredients bound to put a smile on your face after a great meal. Check out this article on health.com linking sweets to happiness.

2. Reward Yourself

Too often we deprive ourselves of the indulgent things in life. Once it a while, it’s good to be rewarded! And what better reward than dessert at La Tour. Besides, think of all those calories you burn doing all those great outdoor Vail activities. You can save room–order dessert!

3. Celebrate

Think back to every celebration you remember. Don’t they all include a great sweet treat? Whether it’s birthday cake, holiday cookies, or a caramel apple at a carnival…sweets are true part of every celebration. We like to think of every meal at La Tour as a celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, vacation meals…you name it…all are routinely celebrated at La Tour. And no celebration is complete without a great dessert.

4. Bond

People naturally bond over food. And for many, the part of the meal most talked about is the dessert course. Dessert is also the most commonly shared course. It’s okay to order an extra fork or spoon. And it’s also okay to lick the plate. Go ahead. We won’t judge!

5. Linger

All good things must eventually come to an end, but why not make your La Tour dining experience last just a little longer? Dessert is the perfect way to finish a great meal. It’s also the perfect time to order an after dinner drink or coffee to make the evening last. La Tour embraces a no-rush atmosphere, allowing to enjoy every course.