New Chef de Cuisine Chef Tyson Amick

Welcome to La Tour Restaurants new Chef de Cuisine Tyson Amick.Chef Tyson Amick New Chef de Cuisine


Chef Tyson is originally from the Piedmont region of NC. He grew up in a small town, with a big emphasis on agriculture and spent a good amount of time as a child helping his grandmother, shelling the beans after school.

In 1993 Chef Tyson moved to the coast in Wilmington NC, there he worked mainly with seafood and locally grown produce. For 8 years he worked in a restaurant where they wrote the menu daily, based on what was delivered fresh. The process was very classically rooted in technique, but also very forward thinking & progressive. They never repeated a dish, no matter how good it was. Chef Tyson competed in a local cooking competition and was the only restaurant to win twice. As Chef de Cuisine, he was able to develop his own personal style with the support of the restaurant.

In 2013 Chef Tyson took the Executive Chef position at a restaurant in downtown Wilmington called Aubriana’s Fine Dining. They also never repeated dishes, focusing solely on new menus based on fresh ingredients. Chef Tyson was asked during this time to be one of three chefs from North Carolina to represent the state’s food culture at an expo in Manhattan.

After almost five years with Aubriana’s Fine Dining, Chef Tyson took a vacation to Vail to visit a longtime friend and mentor. He immediately fell in love with Colorado and decided to make Vail his home this past May. We are thrilled to have Chef Tyson join our La Tour Restaurant team!