Main Lobster & Torchio Pasta with Mushrooms

Mushrooms: Not Your Average Fungi

salmon with mushroomsPeople often comment on my creative use of mushrooms featured on our menu in such signature dishes as our Skuna Bay Salmon and our Maine Lobster and Torchio Pasta. Without revealing too many secrets, I have to concede that exotic mushrooms are indeed a sort of secret weapon in the devising and creating of delicious entrées. Varying flavors and textures and colors all contribute to the sensuous experience of a palate-pleasing dish, and the mushroom is an essential item in the creative chef’s kitchen.

Currently running at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is the exhibition called “Mushrooms: Keys to the Kingdom Fungi.” Punctuating the exhibit is an Intimate Evening with Vera Stucky Evenson on Friday, September 9th. She will bring her expertise as the curator of the Sam Mitchell Herbarium of Fungi in Denver to bear on the subject and enlighten her participants on local Colorado mushroom varieties.

While I am especially inteChanterelle Mushroomsrested in the culinary applications of mushrooms, I am also intrigued by the profound environmental impact of mushroom-producing fungi; this is a more complex matter than you might imagine!  In any case, if visiting the exhibit, which runs through September 30th, makes you hungry for this mildly wild “fruit of the fungi world,” stroll on over to La Tour to enjoy some of our delicious cuisine, with or without mushrooms, and a splash of your favorite beverage. Our patio is still sunny as we cling to the last rays of summer sun, so don’t miss out.

In the meantime, enjoy this Roasted Quail and Mushroom recipe for one of my favorite dishes featuring chanterelle mushrooms. Happy “chef-ing” and we’ll see you soon!