From the chef: four quotes that will bring you to La Tour

In a few words, La Tour’s Executive Chef Troy Froman will make you want to eat at La Tour.

The chef has been in the kitchen at La Tour for only three weeks. In that time, from the back of the house, he’s learned what exactly makes the food at La Tour stand above the rest.

To start, the chef says he likes all the menu items – but then he really gets into it:

1. “We make the brown butter for our Dover sole in house. We use some classic techniques for braising and curing. We home make our Sriracha sauce as opposed to going out and buying it.”

2. “This isn’t easy cooking. It’s tough. We could go out and buy some of the things we serve, but instead we make it. We use processes that take time and finesse, things that take genuine skill to do.”

3. “People don’t realize that each plate has four or five components to it. The dishes are more complex than people think. But all of the parts are what make it all come together.”

4. “I really enjoy the plating as well. It is very precise – nothing is really thrown onto the plate.”

There you have it. From the back of the kitchen to the front of the house. A few reasons why La Tour in Vail is a cut above the rest.