La Tour Vail Summer Menu

La Tour Vail Summer Menu Ingredients

La Tour Vail Summer Menu
Looking for a taste of summer? Check out all the fresh ingredients on the La Tour Vail summer menu! It’s bursting with flavors that go great with the sunny days in Vail. Better yet, sit outside on our patio and soak up the sun along with your meal.

Find These Fresh Ingredients on the La Tour Vail Summer Menu:

WatermelonLa Tour Vail Summer Menu

Nothing says “summer” quite like fresh watermelon. Our appetizer menu features a refreshing watermelon appetizer salad. Paired with burrata cheese, basil oil, watercress and vinegar. A great summer starter.


Fresh ripe tomatoes are another great summer treat! You’ll find them throughout our menu, from salads to entrée accompaniments to lunch fare. Why not try the BLT for lunch and then come back for dinner and order prime Manhattan steak with fresh heirloom tomatoes

Shishito peppers

Shishito peppers are small, thin-skinned Japanese peppers that have a lot of flavor but not much heat. These peppers are grown in the United States in midsummer through fall. You can usually find them freshly roasted at the Vail Farmers Market, too. La Tour offers a great version of Hibachi Grilled Shishito Peppers, and you’ll also find these flavor-packed gems as an accompaniment to our salmon entrée.

Green beans

Haricot verts are typically longer, thinner, crisper, and more tender than “standard” green beans. Available nearly year-round in supermarkets, the peak season for fresh green beans is May through September. At La Tour, we love the flavor and color that haricot verts add to many of the La Tour Vail summer menu items.


Peaches are one of Colorado’s most famous local-grown crops. Local peach season typically runs from June to August. You’ll find a peach tarte tatin alongside our pork chop. And don’t miss out out on the peach bellini cocktail at La Tour’s brunch.

Squash blossoms

You might have noticed stuffed squash blossoms on the La Tour menu. They are are an absolutely scrumptious short-season treat. Squash blossoms are the big, satiny yellow or orange, and edible flowers of the pumpkin, squash, and zucchini. Squash blossoms are very perishable, so rest assured that you are eating fresh food when you order this dish at La Tour.


Lobster is one of our favorite summer ingredients! You’ll find it featured throughout our menu. We offer a Lobster Roll for lunch, Lobster Benedict for brunch, Lobster Bisque, and a Cold Poached Maine Lobster Salad. Maine lobster season peaks in July, August & September, when new shell or soft shell lobsters are harvested. These lobsters are perfect for eating, as the meat is the sweetest, tenderest lobster you’ll ever taste. (Source: Lylobster Food Blog)