A Champagne Toast to the Health Benefits of Food

At La Tour, we think you should celebrate the health benefits of food with every meal.

Health Benefits of Great FoodIt’s only fitting during Thanksgiving week to talk about indulging in great food. But you might be surprised by some recent research suggesting foods have great health benefits. Champagne, chocolate, spicy foods, and a Mediterranean diet among them. How fitting that you can find all of those foods on our menu.


Health Benefits of ChampagneGo ahead and celebrate with champagne! A recent study from the University of Reading determined that drinking 1-3  glasses a week of champagne can discourage the onset of age-related memory loss and degenerative brain disorders. Champagne contains compounds that can do the following:

– Keep healthy levels of proteins in the brain from depleting.
– Improve spatial memory.

Check out the great selection of champagne and sparkling wines at La Tour and raise your glass!

SPICY FOODShishito pepper

Bring on the chili peppers! Make it a habit to eat spicy foods. A Chinese Study found that a diet including spicy foods six or seven times a week  can help with the following:

– Increased metabolic rate.
– Better fat burring.
– Lower risk death from cancer or heart disease.
– Slowing food intake, meaning you might eat fewer calories at meal that includes spicy foods.


The Mediterranean diet, filled with vegetables, fish, and healthy fats has many great benefits, too! Studies have shown these foods to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, heart disease. The Mediterranean style is embraced at La Tour. We encourage you to make a social experience out of every meal, take your time, and enjoy the French flavors on your plate.

Health Benefits of ChocolateCHOCOLATE

Harvard researchers have found that Chocolate can reduce blood pressure. Also, cocoa can help boost the brain’s blood supply and increase memory. So, go ahead. Save room for dessert!