Fresh Herbs at La Tour

Fresh Herbs at La Tour

When you think of fresh herbs, does the old Simon & Garfunkel song come to mind? “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” (and many more) are certainly put to good use at La Tour. We hope these fresh herbs make the La Tour Menu one to remember. Here’s a short list of just some of the great herb flavors added to our menu items:


Menu item: Lobster, Apple & Jicama appetizer

Cilantro might be best known for its use in salsas and pestos. However, it’s truly an irreplaceable ingredient in Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian, and Mexican and other Latin American foods…and at the La Tour kitchen. Remember to use just the right amount of cilantro to enhance the flavor of your dish, and not to overpower it. Cilantro is one herb that’s always best fresh.


Menu Item: Shaved Smoked Lamb Tarte

Did you know that there are more than 60 types of basil? Most closely associated with Mediterranean, basil has a sweet, strong flavor that pairs well with acidic ingredients like vinegars and tomatoes. For the most flavor, don’t don’t chop the leaves, but leave them whole or tear them instead.


Menu Item: Shaved Smoked Lamb Tarte

Its needlelike leaves have an almost lemon-pine flavor that pairs well with roasted lamb, garlic, and olive oil. Leaves or sprigs of rosemary are often added when roasting meats or as a flavoring for soups/sauces. If using whole leaves, remember to remove them before serving. Otherwise, it’s often best to chop the leaves into pieces if you will leaving the rosemary as part of the final dish.


Menu Item: Black Truffle Pumpkin Tortellini

Although sage is a popular herb at the Thanksgiving table, it actually is quite versatile. Sage pairs well with foods rich in oils and fats. Historically, you will find sage in cheeses and sausages. Try fresh sage inside a stuffed pasta, or dried sage as a rub on roasted meats.


Menu items: Hibachi BBQ Oysters, Roasted Marrow Bones

Parsley is the most-used herb in the United States. Parsley serves as a avor enhancer when cooked. It is best if added towards the end of the cooking time. Mix with a little butter and use to tops steaks or seafood for a great finish.


Menu item: Short Rib Mac & Cheese

Chives have been used for centuries but probably not cultivated until the Middle Ages in Europe. High in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Delicate mild onion flavor that can vary from nutty, mild sweet flavor to very pungent.  Use chives in sauces (such as remoulade), in fresh salads, combined with egg and omelet recipes, cream cheese, as a flavored garnish on soups and potatoes.

Fines Herbes

Menu items: Sautéed Exotic Mushrooms, Lobster Bisque, Maine Lobster Brioche Roll

In the culinary arts, the term “Fines Herbes” refers to a blend of herbs traditionally used in French cooking. While there is no exact recipe for fines herbes, it usually includes parsley, tarragon, chervil and chives. Marjoram is occasionally included in fines herbes as well.

Reservations at La Tour

Do we have your taste buds watering? Fresh herbs and flavorful ingredients are always in season at La Tour Vail. Reserve your table today.