The Trend Continues: Food Photos on Social Media

Posting Food Photos to Social Media

You might have heard recently that social media is all about pictures of things like babies, pets, weddings, or celebrities. But we’re happy to say that the trend of posting food photos is still alive and well.

According to, by June 2014, 29 million Americans had posted a picture of food or drink from a restaurant. We know that the food photo trend isn’t new, but it’s still quite popular. Each week, you can find lots of pictures from our very own customers who have enjoyed their food at La Tour Restaurant & Bar. Here’s a link to our recent Instagram gallery. We’re proud to serve food that looks as great as it tastes.

Why Do Diners Post Photos of their Food?

Psychology Today posted 10 reasons why people post food pictures on Facebook. Here are four of our favorite reasons:


…the guilt of a great dessert, the ecstasy of an indulgent meal, or even the “shock” factor of an exotic food.


…that others make the trip to that restaurant.


…memories, a feeling, or a special occasion.


…the eating experience. A 2013 study in Psychological Science found that “rituals (like, say, posting images of your food to Instagram before eating it) could actually make eating it more enjoyable since you’re more involved in the experience.”

Keep it Going!

At La Tour, we love to see your food photos. Feel free to share as often as you like. We are on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.