Food as Art in Vail

Food as ArtIt is often said that diners eat with their eyes first. That’s why at La Tour, we make food that is as pleasing to look at as it is to eat. Great pride is taken in ensuring your entire meal will be memorable. In fact, food at La Tour has something to stimulate each of your five senses! We think you will agree that our menu, presentation and atmosphere all paint food as art in Vail.

Sense of Touch

Sure, food is about the flavor. But without a great texture, food can be unenjoyable. Ingredion, a culinary company that runs the Texture Centre of Excellence, says that food texture is “where the magic begins”. At La Tour, we take texture seriously. Our menu is full of exciting bites, featuring items with various textures for every course:Mimosas | La Tour | Vail

– Creamy celery root puree
– Velvety 140-degree egg
– Crispy sugar snap peas and jicama
– Fizzy mimosas
– Tender buffalo medallions
– Smooth butternut ravioli

Sense of Smell

The sense of smell is said to be one of the most powerful. Fine aromas abound at La Tour. Before taking your first sip, catch the scent of the wine in your glass. Smell the love taken to slowly braise the short rib featured in our French Onion soup. Take in the smokiness of Yellowfin Tuna appetizer. All these scents complemented by the crisp mountain air of Vail.

Sense of Sight

Flambe | La Tour VailFood enjoyment starts with visual presentation. La Tour pairs vibrant colors on each plate, giving you true examples of food as art. Dark reds abound in beet salads or meats cooked to a perfect temperature. Greens pop off the plate in colorful purée accents. For dessert, take in the orange and blue flames when you order flambé of crème brûlée. All of this magic on a plate is not to be surpassed by the provocative artwork on the tables and walls.

Sense of Sound

At La Tour, we never want you to feel rushed through a meal. Sit back, relax, and take your time. Listen to the crackling fire during your meal. Or on an nice day, take in lunch on the patio amid the bustle of Vail Village. Relish the anticipation as you hear the pop of the cork from your bottle of wine. Enjoy the laughter and great conversation of your fellow table guests.

Sense of Taste

We saved the best for last. Taste may be “the” reason for fine dining. At La Tour, we masterfully combine tastes to wow your palate: earthy, acidic, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, and so many more! We hope that by the end of your meal, your taste buds will say, “Thank you!”

Speaking of taste, no meal would be complete without being paired with a great beverage. La Tour has signature cocktails, a phenomenal wine list, and offers so many microbrews, both local and from around the world.

Make your reservation and experience food as art at La Tour Vail.