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Food and Wine Experience

An Amazing Food and Wine Experience!

Imagine having two wines to explore for each of five courses of an exquisite meal at Vail’s best restaurant. Add to this exciting prospect of a warmly lit dining room, the soft clinking of glasses and fine silver, and the impeccable service of a professional wait staff. This was our wonderful food and wine experience at La Tour for the Maisons Marques & Domaines Wine Dinner Tour hosted by Chef Paul and certified sommelier Roland Hermann.Roland Herrmann Sommelier

Roland’s knowledge of the wines was impressive, and his graceful, easygoing manner lavished us with the feeling of being well cared for and let in on the profound secrets of skillful wine pairing. Indulging in red and white wines from as nearby as Anderson Valley, California and as far away as Douro, Portugal, our taste buds came alive to the delicious autumn comfort food appearing before us on La Tour’s white porcelain dinnerware. Foie Gras Mousse, Wild Boar, Venison…these are only some of the delicacies that graced our plates, and along with these, Pinot Grises, Riojas, even Portos…oh the divinity!

marques-de-murrietaEveryone’s favorite course at the table, though we savored every bite, was decidedly the Maine lobster, butternut squash soup sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. This practically melted us, as we partook of the warming, autumnal goodness straight from Chef Paul’s vivid culinary imagination. A dollop of sour cream on top made it that much richer and paired with two varieties of sparkling white wines, it was unspeakably delicious.

Beyond the pleasure of the evening itself, perfected in the resonance of a dinner out in beautiful Vail, it was inspiring…what might we conjure up in our own kitchens, what wines might we choose to accompany the autumn goodness on our plates? Still reeling from the perfect commingling of our happy palates and warmed bellies, we spilled into the cobblestoned Meadow Drive and fairly floated home.

The anticipation of more nights like this one, satiated by the fabulous foods and wines on offer at La Tour, excited us, and we chatted animatedly about the profound impact of the right flavors combined to create this kind of experience. So many possibilities, so many flavors…and only the beginning of the season for all things warmly spiced and slow cooked to perfection.

I have to say, Vail is not a bad place to eat and play and cook. Yum to autumn, yum to La Tour, and yum to the approaching holidays! May yours be deliciously merry!

The next wine dinner is Wednesday, October 26th With Paul Wasserman. Learn more here.

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