A Change of Seasons

It’s a special time in Vail. From the windows of La Tour Restaurant and Bar we saw the first dusting of snow last Friday. It was indeed a tease. But this last Friday our suspicions of a coming winter were confirmed when we woke up to almost four inches of the fresh stuff.

Usually, in most other places, coming snow is dreaded. The change is seasons is not welcome – an inconvenience that has canned goods falling off the shelves almost as quickly as the flakes outside. Big cities on the east coast “brace” themselves. Cities that don’t normally get snow all together shut down. But not in Vail.

Vail is special in that the whole mood of the town lifts when the forecast calls for a night of snow, better yet a week of snow. After a great summer of sipping cold drinks on the patio, almost immediately that habit is reversed to warm after-dinner coffees by the fireplace. The food gets a bit heartier and the smell of it is enough to draw skiers in from the street. At La Tour, we embrace it. We don’t run for the canned goods. We get to the kitchen to put together hot, fresh, delicious plates that make eating in the winter a joy.

For us in the mountains there is nothing but excitement in the air about the changing weather. Sure the snow from this last week won’t stick around. It could be 70 and sunny the next time we step out of the kitchen to look outside. But the suggestion of winter is enough to get the buzz going.

Stop into La Tour Restaurant and Bar on one of these cold fall afternoons and lets us warm you up with delicious food, great specials and whatever drink fits the weather.

See you soon.