Celebrate Wine

Once Upon a Vine Halloween Party. Photo Courtesy of Jordan Winery

Once Upon a Vine Halloween Party. Photo Courtesy of Jordan Winery

Who ever said research was boring never had to stock a wine cellar!

Trying to keep our wine list new and exciting for our guests can be hard work but it’s definitely not boring work. While on a trip to San Francisco this October, we were delighted to be able to attend “Once Upon a Vine” celebration, an annual Halloween party at Jordan Winery. What a great venue and wonderful wine! Jordan winery knows how to celebrate everything including All Hollows Eve.
At La Tour, we believe that no celebration is complete without a great meal. And no meal is complete without a great bottle of wine. That’s why our wine list includes only the best vintages. We feel that the French-inspired wines from Jordan Winery in California are a perfect fit with La Tour’s fine French inspired cuisine. We look forward to getting some of their great selections into our Cellar and on our wine list to share with you. Celebrate Wine with Us!

Most diners select a wine to pair with their meal. However, some wines are so great, the inspiration for your meal just might be based on the wine you’d like to drink. Being able to share our favorites with friends and family is the ultimate inspiration!

Jordan WineryJordan Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

According to the winery’s website, Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon will pair will with lamb, chicken, or a cheese course.

Jordan Winery Chardonnay

Jordan Winery’s Chardonnay is made to pair well with many flavors, but perhaps try it with butternut squash, a rich fish dish, or even with brunch items.

New to selecting a wine? La Tour’s sommelier can become your best asset. Let our professionals help you pair your meal with the perfect pour. Check out our extensive wine list online. Celebrate food, celebrate life, celebrate wine.