La Tour Restaurant and Bar Valentine's Day Dinner

Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Vail

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Imagine sitting in a warm, candlelit room at a table for two, the soft tumble of Vail’s unending snowfall visible beyond the windowpane. Roland Micu, La Tour Restaurant’s new master sommelier, one of only 240 people to hold that revered title worldwide, stands before your table, discreetly pouring a deep, enticing red from a svelte bottle. Your partner tastes, smiles, nods to you, whose genius it was that inspired the foray into Vail Village and into the dining room of Chef Paul Ferzacca for this very special occasion.

Valentine's Day Dinner Vail Restaurants

Valentine’s Day is one of those days you want to get right. You want to communicate to that special someone, whether to mark three passionate weeks of knowing one another or to mark three decades of Valentine’s Day celebrations together, that they mean more to you than they know. That you care enough to arrange for the very best kind of romantic experience Vail has to offer.

Later, your elegant waiter brings you plate after plate of delicious, beautifully presented food that lights up your palates. Later, surrounded by other happy pairs dining together, you lean into your decadent shared dessert and each other, in gratitude for the time you have in Vail or, better yet, for the life you live in this Valley. These are the moments we live for, and the little time that we are able to dedicate to our love should be spent in the enchantment of a place like La Tour.

May your time together be full of love, light, and of course, sparks. Leave the crafting of your perfect night celebrating that spark to us…see you on February 14th!

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