How do you create the best burger in Vail?

best-burger-vail-la-tourThe perfect burger.

It’s just short of the perfect crème brûlée as the holy grail of foodie happiness. Creating the best burger in Vail is definitely going to change how people perceive you as a cook. Nail it, and you’ll forever wear the title of “Crackerjack Chef Dude.” Fail, and you’ll find yourself getting that sympathetic side eye from your friends the next time it’s your turn to provide the eats for poker night. You’ll always be known as “the dude who almost got it right.” There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to creating the best burger in Vail. Thankfully, we’ve put together some tips to help you achieve this almost-but-not-quite highest of foodie achievements.

First, you’ll want to start with all natural, local Angus ground beef. At La Tour, we get our ground beef from Aspen Ridge Natural Beef in Greeley, Colorado. Their beef is not only all natural, it’s pasture raised, and Certified Humane ™. They even feed it their own special blend of vegetarian feed, to insure proper nutrition and consistent flavor. On the worst traffic days, the meat spends only four hours in the truck from Greeley to Vail. That’s some local flavor right there. We suggest using nothing less when you try to create the best burger in Vail.

Next, you’ll want to do some magic-wand type action in the kitchen. Short of that, you may want to develop a sauce to go on that burger. It should be something that would inspire a minstrel to write ballads to your kitchen magic-wand waving, or at least your ability to concoct the perfect blend of flavors to complement that stunning ground beef that you had trucked in from Greeley. We call ours LT Sauce, and there’s no way we’re going to tell you what’s in it. Some magic-wand stuff needs to be kept close to the vest.

When you get ready to cook the best burger in Vail, you’ll want to be picky with your choice of cookware. Get it wrong, and you’re guaranteed that sympathetic side eye. Get it right, and you’ll be one step closer to the golden spatula that comes with the title of “Crackerjack Chef Dude.” Here at La Tour, we think the secret to creating the best burger in Vail is to use cast iron. No other cooking material has quite what it takes to give the best flavor to that all-natural Angus beef. Only cast iron is worthy.

Once the burger is done, you’ll want to make sure you have all the accompaniments right. While we keep the ingredients of our LT Sauce a secret, we will tell you that we serve our burger on a brioche bun, with butter lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

It seems like you would go through a lot of work to create the best burger in Vail, when the best burger in Vail is already being served at La Tour. Why not save yourself the trouble and just stop in, and let us do the cooking for you?