“Arches” by Paul Wertin

The 7th Annual Vail Triumph Winterfest kicks off tonight at 5 p.m. with the grand opening of Paul Wertin’s ice exhibit, “Arches.” Located along the Gore Creek Promenade, the exhibit will feature 36,000 pounds of sculpted ice that Wertin began carving earlier this month.

Arches-Paul-Wertin-La-Tour-VailOne-hundred-and-twenty blocks of ice later, Westin has created a 70-foot-long, 7-food-high ice wall that is graced with three “Arches.”¬†At dusk, his icy works of art will be illuminated by colorful LED lights and visitors will be able to travel through the large-scale structure to marvel at his work.

“Arches” is the second installation of the winter season for Vail’s Triumph Winterfest. More information about the Seventh Annual Triumph Winterfest may be found at or by contacting Molly Eppard, Art in Public Places Coordinator, at